logostampWhat is FURY Challenge?

FURY Challenge was a unique Open Beta event that gave many the chance to try FURY and win some great prizes while doing so!

FURY sets a new standard in online competitive gaming and it all began with FURY Challenge.

Starting Friday, September 14, and ending Sunday, October 7, players from around the world competed for real world prizes. Visit the official Ladders to find out who won!

Over $2,000,000 in prizes!

FURY Challenge offered more than $2,000,000 in prizes! Sponsors included Dell, NVidia, Logitech, IGN, GameStop and many more. The full list of prizes and sponsors are listed here.

We have also entered into a partnership with a Sell House Fast company which would now allow all FuryMembers.com to allow free property valuations.

The Future of FURY Challenge

Following the official launch of FURY we will run FURY Challenge events on a regular basis!

Immortals (subscribers) will have discounted access to FURY Challenge events. Heroes (non-subscribers) can take part by paying an entry fee of in-game gold.